How to open a Casper Signer wallet

How to transfer CSPR on your wallet

Copy the public key. The public key is the address of your wallet.

How to staking on cspr.live

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  • 01. Go to CSPR.live

  • 02. "Sign in" in CSPR.live

  • 03. Unlock your wallet

    Enter your password to unlock the wallet

  • 04. Connect your wallet to CSPR.live

    Click on the connect button

  • 05. Confirm the connection to CSPR.live

    Confirm the connection to cspr.live by clicking on connect

  • 06. See your account and balance

Stake your cspr

If all the above steps are satisfied, go to our validator link , click on the delegate stake button and follow the last simple steps.

Delegation operations cost 2.5 cspr, while undelegation operations cost 0.5 cspr. Remember to leave some cspr for the undelegation operations. The rewards will be placed directly into staking